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By somersetstoryfest, Mar 22 2013 10:22AM

Our day at Halsway Manor, Sunday 17th will be on 10 radio on Friday 22nd at 11.30am and again on Monday 25th at 6pm, hosted by the wonderful Barry Somers

By somersetstoryfest, Mar 22 2013 10:20AM

SSF will be going out in style from its March festival of words, image and sound this Saturday March 23 at the Museum in Somerset in Taunton. As we began with a FREE family event at the library on March 2 we're ending with the same tomorrow... it's FREE

Be at the Museum for a 2pm start. It's suitable for families with children 5 years and up, we'll be exploring the galleries, finding our treasures, handling artefeacts and then creating a story of our own all in the blink and dreaming of just over an hour or sooo...

Thanks for all your help this year

Any ideas for next time around email us at [email protected]

Keep an eye on the website as we maybe running some events before next Spring

Michael Loader


By somersetstoryfest, Mar 22 2013 10:10AM

Our evening at the TMAC in Heathfield went down a storm with a healthy crowd, mainly populated by staff and pupils from the Castle School.

The evening kicked of in fine stlye with Liv Torc, performing her poems with wit and charm, spit and polish to an all ears crowd istening to her meetings with mascerators, men with beards, super hero pants and unforgetable beautiful faces.

We then went LIVE via laptop and facetime to Dom Buck's kitchen, aka BOXABEAT UK (with the help of our own Super Hero "tech Man' Kevin), complete with a close up tour of kettle and coffee mug, to hear a rendition of highs and lows, growls and rumbles, base and trebles from his curling lips and dextrous tongue, all projected onto a screen standing 15 foot high!

After much laughter and things going dafter, audience participation and appreciation, questions and answers and a beatbox battle we moved seamlessly into the world of words and stories with Michael Loader telling a riddling story from Georgia, where the audience were invited to solve three riddles to save the King to be...

We then heard a poem that the audience created in the moment (curated by Liv) inspired by the Platypus.

The evening came to a tumultous ending when members of the audience stepped into the light and picked up the mic to regale us with rap, beatbox, stand up comedy replete with much fun, laughter and joy.

Audience feedback...

"Excellent interactive experience"

"Good everytime, hope to see you again"

"Great show"

"It was a great showcase for young people to share with an audience what they love doing"

"Would you come again?" "YES!"

With the success of this evening Somerset Storyfest will be looking into ways of creating more BEAT TELL IT SPEAK nights at the TMAC. Keep in touch. Tell your friends.

By somersetstoryfest, Mar 19 2013 08:25AM

Okay it's down to the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre this Thursday the 21st at 7.45pm with BEATBOX, PERFORMANCE POETRY, STORYTELLING and an OPEN MIC and Saturday the 23rd at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton at 2pm with a FREE Family session of 'Making Hi-STORY'.

The TMAC event for 14-19 year olds with contributions by Liv Torc (Perf. Poetry), Dom Buck (Beatbox) and Michael Loader (Story), will also give YOU a chance to tell your story, share your poem, sing your song. If you want to contribute please get in touch with Charlie Dearden on 01823 414141.

The Museum of Somerset event for 5-11 year olds will involve exploring the galleries, finding objects, handling artefacts and then creating our own story.

By somersetstoryfest, Mar 19 2013 08:17AM

We had a Sunny Glorious Sunday on March 17th with a great turn out of families at the magnificent Halsway Manor in the Quantocks. Best known for its Folk Dance, Music and Song, this jewel of a venue very near the village of Crowcombe played host to a wonderfully engaging and varied afternoon of activities and events including stories from America and the British Isles, telling of animals searching for the light of the Moon.

Peter Stevenson from the Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival enchanted us with his illuminated illustrations and wise words desribing the world of faery. We then skipped outside onto the tree lined slopes of the hills looking for signs of the wee folk. Stables and kitchens, homes and holes and a wonderfully imagined auditorium of steps looking out towards the open lands of the West, were all found and created with the hands and imaginations of the gathered throng, inspired by a further faery foray of words from Beth Webb who glowed in the warmth of the sun

Barry Somers from 10 Radio accompanied us throughout the afternoon and will be putting us 'on air' on Friday 22nd, what time, sometime, will tell when I know the TIME

"So many stories, so little time, we enjoyed your company... signed the Fairies"

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